NZIDE Member Benefits

The “Members” section of the NZIDE web site offers advantages that are not freely available to the public.

This section of the website contains Publications Resources and Tools of interest to Driver Educators.

Access to this section of the web site is restricted to members only and requires a pin number. This pin number can be found on the reverse side of the membership card.

Note: that the pin number changes at the beginning of each Financial year (1st August). When the member renews their subscription, they will receive their new card and pin number.

Some of the information and tools available in this section of the website is listed below.

  • Publications
  • Resources
  • Tools

To access any of these sections select it from the Benefits drop down menu.  You will enter a login page where you will need to enter the pin number (discussed above).

As at 2010 the Benefits section features:

NZIDE GSB SupplyCorp Program Membership

GSB SupplyCorp offers its members a number of benefits including access to the most reliable suppliers at the best prices. Discounts on offer can be as much as 70%.

Click here for more information and how you as an NZIDE member can make purchases via the GSB programme.

Crombie Lockwood Commercials Insurance

Crombie Lockwood Insurance offers NZIDE members benefits in terms of it’s excess structure and settlement turn arounds. Click here for more information.

Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)

IAM are offering NZIDE members an opportunity to expand your business into a new market segment, namely the mature driver. Click here for more information.

Free Site Listing

As a member of NZIDE you are entitled to a free listing on our “FIND AN INSTRUCTOR” web facility. Click here for how this works.

Free Professional Developments Workshops

Each year NZIDE runs free Professional Development workshops at key locations over the country to help it’s members stay up with the latest changes in the industry.

NZIDE National Conference

Once a year members get together for the NZIDE National conference. This is a chance to network and get together with instructors from all over the country, to develop new initiatives for the industry in New Zealand.